Class HyphenInhibitor

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public class HyphenInhibitor
extends HyphenBreak
implements Serializable

Represents an inhibiting value for a hyphenation break point. In the Liang/TeX algorithm, such points have even weights in the range 0 .. 8.

Peter B. West
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Serialized Form

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check_nobreak_text, DEFAULT_WEIGHT, NEUTRAL_WEIGHT, nobreak, post_brkpt, pre_brkpt, replace_post_brkpt, replace_pre_brkpt, weight
Constructor Summary
HyphenInhibitor(Byte weight, Alphabet alphabet)
          Creates a new instance of HyphenInhibitor
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get_weight, make_key, toString
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Constructor Detail


public HyphenInhibitor(Byte weight,
                       Alphabet alphabet)
                throws HyphenationException
Creates a new instance of HyphenInhibitor

weight - the relative strength of hyphen inhibition. Values are small positive even numbers.
alphabet - the Alphabet this object is defined with respect to.
HyphenationException - if the weight is invalid for inhibition.

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