HyFo - the Folio Hyphenator

HyFo is the hyphenator for Folio.


au.id.pbw.hyfo.anttasks This package contains any classes which implement Ant tasks specific to the HyFo build process.
au.id.pbw.hyfo.hyph The main package of HyFo.
au.id.pbw.hyfo.unicode The au.id.pbw.hyfo.unicode package provides support for processing supplementary Unicode characters.
au.id.pbw.hyfo.version Single class to provide version information to other Folio classes and to the Folio build process.


HyFo is the hyphenator for Folio. It is a stand-alone library, designed for use with Java2D text-processing facilities. It can be used independently of Folio.

Copyright © 2005-2006 Peter B. West.