Installing HyFo

HyFo comes as a basic hyphenation program and a number of plug-in hyphenation tree instances. For HyFo to be useful, at least one of the plug-ins must be installed.

System requirements

HyFo is built against a version of the 1.5.0 JDK. As of this writing,the particular version is 1.5.0_09. In order to build HyFo, a compatible JDK and Ant 1.6.5 or later are required. The source
distribution comes with configuration for a NetBeans 5.5 project.

Binary distribution: HyFo and HyFo-locales

The basic binary distribution, HyFo, contains the jar file, hyfo.jar, and the web pages and Javadocs zip file, Place hyfo.jar in a convenient directory. Ensure the directory is on the classpath when you wish to use the HyFo classes.

You must also have a jar file for each locale for which you require hyphenation, for example hyfo_lppl_de.jar. All of the locale binary jars are located in the  HyFo-locales distribution. Retrieve the locales you require. Place these jars in the same directory, or in a directory which will also be on the classpath when HyFo is running.

The top-level The top-level directories within are:

The Javadocs.
The web pages.
Images for the web pages.
Stylesheet for the web pages.

Unzip this file in any convenient location.

Source distribution: HyFo-src and HyFo-locales-src

The distribution HyFo-src distribution contains the source package which builds the main binary distribution jar. This is the zip file This zip file contains all of the files needed to build HyFo, with the exception of any pattern files.

Each available hyphenation pattern locale file comes in its own source jar, for example All of these files are located in the HyFo-locales-src distribution. Retrieve the sources for the required locales from this distribution.

A partial contents list of includes:

  • lib/
  • nbproject/
  • resources/
  • src/
  • copyright-notes
  • boring.file
  • build.xml

In other words, there is no single directory at the top of the file tree contained in

Unpacking the sources

HyFo code sources

Create a top-level directory to old the HyFo source tree, for example, ~/hyfo or /usr/local/src/hyfo.
cd top-level-directory 
Unzip in that directory.

Locale sources

Each locale file contains only the directory resources at the top level. All sources and support files for the locale are contained in the resources tree. Install the sources in the same directory where you unpacked (Note that also contains a top-level resources directory.)

HyFo was developed using NetBeans 5.0 and 5.5. The source may be compiled using only Ant  and the build.xml file, or another IDE may be used. If you wish to use NetBeans, you may simply open a project in NetBeans by pointing to the directory in which you unpacked these files.

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