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Folio - Notes for Developers


I have been using NetBeans . I recommend the current release, 5.5, to get you started with Folio. The checkout contains an nbproject directory, so from the NetBeans File menu you can Open Project. Navigating to the parent of the Folio directory you have checked out, the Folio directory should look like this. (Note the adornment to the normal folder icon.) Select the Folio folder and Open Project Folder.


For help in setting up a working environment, email me at <folio @ pbw . id . au>.



The project is back under CVS control, but may be migrating to Darcs soon.

Anonymous access

The source code can be browsed using viewvc. The tree can be downloaded using anonymous CVS, as described here. The modulename is Folio.

Developer Access

Developers requiring write access to the repository will need:

An account:
See this document, and note that you will have to be enrolled as a developer by a Folio administrator (currently only pbw.)
A CVS client.
For setting up CVS, see Introduction to Project CVS Services for Developers and CVS Client: TortoiseCVS with PuTTY.
An SSH client.
See links for CVS setup (above), SSH Client Instructions and SSH Host Key Fingerprints.


Developers access working files in the projects through the SourceForge shell server:
E.g. ssh

Login will leave you in your home directory. For user pbw /home/users/p/pb/pbw . The project Folio locations are:

CGI scripts

Go to Folio Project Summary page.

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